WWE SummerSlam PPV Review: Amin’s review on McIntyre vs. Orton, Strowman vs. Fiend, Asuka vs. Banks, Asuka vs. Bayley

WWE SummerSlam

Image Credit: WWE

Amin’s WWE SummerSlam Review
Sunday August 23rd, 2020
WWE ThunderDome in Orlando, FL

SmackDown Women’s Championship Match – Bayley (w/Sasha Banks) vs. Asuka

The match began with an aggressive tie up as Asuka and Bayley battled for position. Asuka got the advantage early applying a seated head scissors but Bayley grabbed the ropes. Asuka delivered a running hip attack sending Bayley to the floor. Asuka followed by leaping off the ring steps planting Bayley with a DDT on the floor for a two count. 

Bayley got the advantage connecting with a guillotine in-between the ropes for a near fall. Bayley delivered a floater suplex for a two count. Bayley blocked a mid-kick and delivered her signature Bayley-to-Belly Suplex but Asuka kicked out at two. Asuka caught Bayley with a high kick for a double down. Asuka made her comeback hitting a running hip attack, then sent Bayley flying with a German Suplex. Asuka delivered a sliding hip attack but Bayley kicked out at two. 

They battled on the ring apron as Bayley delivered a shin breaker. Bayley applied a reverse heel hook but Asuka broke free. Bayley charged but Asuka countered with a Codebreaker for a two count. Bayley caught Asuka in a knee bar leaping off the turnbuckle. Asuka grabbed the ropes to force a break. Bayley hit a Sunset Bomb sending Asuka into the turnbuckle.

Bayley went for Flying Elbow but Asuka countered into an arm bar. Banks yelled into Asuka who kicked away at her and ended releasing Bayley from the hold. Off the distraction, Bayley applied a rollup but Asuka kicked out. Asuka went for a running hip but Bayley moved as Banks went off the ring apron. Bayley applied an inside cradle and pinned Asuka 1,2,3. After the match, Banks and Bayley attacked Asuka. 

WINNER: Bayley retained the SmackDown Women’s Title 

(Amin’s Analysis: As expected this was a great match as both Asuka and Bayley have great chemistry and work great with each other. The finish was expected but works for the story they are telling as Banks and Bayley are helping each other to keep their titles.)

Raw Tag Team Championship Match – Street Profit (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford) vs. Andrade & Angel Garza (w/Zelina Vega) 

Kevin Owens came out and joined the commentary team for the match. Ford fired up early delivering a leaping clothesline to Andrade and followed with a jumping Hurricanrana. Ford went for a Tope Con Hilo but Andrade and Garza caught and slammed him to the mat. The heels took control as Garza delivered a dropkick to Ford’s knee and then removed his pants.

Andrade placed Ford in an arm bar against the ropes. Ford avoided Garza as Dawkins tagged in. Andrade delivered a spinning back elbow but Dawkins responded with a spear. Garza delivered a jumping kick to Ford but Dawkins made the save.

The big spot of the match came when Garza delivered a Superkick as Ford bumped into Vega who was standing on the ring apron and took a bump to the floor. Garza looked to make a tag but Andrade was shown checking on Vega to make sure she’s fine. Dawkins planted Garza with a Spinebuster as Ford followed with From The Heavens (Twisting Frog Splash) for the 1,2,3. 

WINNERS: Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford retained the Raw Tag Team Titles 

(Amin’s Analysis: A good tag team match with some solid action and sequences. Dawkins and Ford make a great team as they are unique and their characters make them stand out. It will be interesting to see what’s next for Vega’s group as a split between Andrade and Garza could be in the works.) 

Owens invited Aleister Black to join the Kevin Owens Show this Monday on Raw. 

(Amin’s Analysis: I’m looking forward to this as this could be away to reenergize Black’s character and hopefully place him back into a top spot on Raw.)

Kayla Braxton interviewed Bayley and Sasha in a ring backstage. Braxton asked Bayley if she won only because of Banks’ help. Bayley cut her off and said it will be a magical night for tonight and won’t let her ruin it. Banks said if Bayley can beat Asuka, then I know I can as well. Banks noted she loves being two-belt champion and will love tapping Asuka. Bayley brought out a broom and noted it will be a clean sweep. 

Mandy Rose vs. Sonya Deville

The match began at a fast pace as Deville delivered strikes but Rose countered by ramming her into the barricade. Rose leaped off the announcers table delivering a flying clothesline to Deville on the floor. Rose went to set up a table and then went after Deville who attacked her with a chair. 

Deville connected with a sliding knee for a two count. Rose went for a running knee but Deville countered into a Dragon Sleeper. Deville transitioned into a Triangle Hold but Rose countered into a pinning combination for a near fall. Deville charged but Rose countered with a leaping knee for a two count. 

Rose placed Deville on the table. Deville rolled off the table. Rose threw a chair across the table but missed as Deville ducked. Rose delivered Angel Wings and followed with a running knee to Deville for the 1,2,3.  

WINNER: Mandy Rose 

After the match, Otis came out and celebrated with Mandy. Otis did the Caterpillar and then Mandy tried her version of the Caterpillar. 

(Amin’s Analysis: For all the circumstances surrounding the news about Deville and Rose this was very good match which exceeded exceptions. A strong showing from both telling a good story. Hopefully, this is just time off for Deville and she comes back to WWE as bigger star as she’s really been on a role.) 

Seth Rollins (w/Murphy) vs. Dominque Mysterio (w/Rey Mysterio)

Rollins took control out wrestling Dominque early on. Dominque delivered a tilt-a-whirl head scissors and followed with a pair of arm drags. Rollins took control soon after delivering a scoop slam then asked Murphy to hand him a Kendo Stick. Rollins attacked Dominque with a kendo stick and got a chair into the ring. Dominque kept telling Mysterio to stay away. Rollins went for a Stomp off the chair but Dominque moved.

Dominque sent Rollins into the chair and followed with a Tornado DDT for a two count. Rollins took control soon after attacking Dominque with a kendo stick. Rollins delivered a Superplex, and then transitioned into a Kendo Stick. Rollins was in control as Murphy placed a table in the ring. They battled for position on the turnbuckle as Dominque delivered a Russian Leg Sweep as he and Rollins went crashing through a table.

Dominque followed by delivering a Frog Splash but Rollins kicked out. Rollins caught Dominque with a Superkick and followed with a huge Powerbomb. Rollins tore off Dominque’s gear and attacked him with a kendo stick. Murphy handed Rollins handcuffs as Angie came out as Mysterio pleaded with her to stay back.

Murphy went to rake Dominque’s eye into the ring steps but Mysterio stopped him. Rollins and Murphy attacked Mysterio and then cuffed him against the ropes. Dominque made a brief comeback delivering the 619, went for a Frog Splash but Rollins got his knees up. Rollins taunted Mysterio telling him to reach towards Dominque. Rollins delivered the Stomp for the 1,2,3. 

WINNER: Seth Rollins 

(Amin’s Analysis: The storytelling was just tremendous as this was excellent well laid out match as Rollins was simply terrific here anchoring Dominque through the match. Rollins has been on a role and been doing some of his best work as the Messiah character. Dominque was great here as a live crowd would’ve cheered for his comeback and big spots. A great showing here from Dominque who has great talent. Mysterio was great as his presence added lots to the match.) 

Raw Women’s Championship Match – Sasha Banks (w/Bayley) vs. Asuka 

Banks went for Asuka’s leg who responded with quick kicks. Asuka delivered a sliding elbow and then placed Banks in a knee bar on the floor. Asuka followed with a running hip attack for a near fall. Asuka applied an arm bar but Banks broke free. They battled on the ring apron as Banks moved as Asuka kicked the ring post. There was a crazy spot as Banks delivered Spinning Sunset Bomb sending Asuka crashing to the mat. They teased a count-out but Asuka made it back into the ring. 

Banks delivered a running kick in the corner but Asuka kicked out. Banks went for a double knee but Asuka countered into a face buster. Asuka applied an  ankle lock but Banks break free. They battled for position on the turnbuckle as Asuka delivered a Super DDT but Banks kicked out at two. Asuka delivered a missile dropkick for another two count. 

There was a cool spot as Asuka swung Banks off the turnbuckle who responded with a double knees for a two count. Banks went for a Frog Splash but Asuka moved out of the way. Banks charged but Asuka caught her in an Asuka Lock but wasn’t fully locked in. Banks countered into the Bank Statement but Asuka broke free. 

They played off the same spot in the SmackDown Women’s Title match but this  Bayley avoided Asuka’s running hip attack and didn’t take the bump. Asuka delivered a spinning back fist sending Bayley to the floor. Banks went for the Bank Statement but Asuka countered into the Asuka Lock. Banks went for a rollup but Asuka countered into the Asuka Lock. Banks tried to break free but Asuka maintained the hold and won the Raw Women’s Title. 

WINNER: Asuka won the Raw Women’s Title 

Asuka celebrated with the Raw Women’s Title. Banks looked devastated as she saw Bayley holding onto her titles. 

(Amin’s Analysis: A tremendous match as both Asuka and Banks are just terrific wrestlers and have great chemistry. Asuka was the star here as she worked really hard delivering two great championship matches. Now, I would like to see Asuka have a nice long run as the Raw Women’s Champion like she was positioned in NXT as their dominant champion. Banks and Bayley have been great together and they give you smalls hints of a possible breakup. The part where Banks saw Bayley consoling her while holding her titles after the match was a nice touch.

WWE Championship Match – Drew McIntyre vs. Randy Orton 

Orton played mind games as he kept sliding out of the ring. Orton went for an RKO twice but McIntyre slid out of the ring. McIntyre blocked a boot as he delivered strikes to Orton in the corner. Orton moved as McIntyre charged into the ring post. Orton backdropped McIntyre twice onto the announcers table. McIntyre was laid on the announcers table as Orton lifted him and followed with a suplex on the floor.

Orton delivered his signature stomps and followed with his signature pose which got boos from the virtual crowd in the WWE ThunderDome. Orton went for but McIntyre countered with a knee breaker. Orton charged but McIntyre countered with a Spinebuster for a double down spot. McIntyre placed Orton in the Figure-4-Leg Lock. Orton went to break but McIntyre pulled him back into the centre of the ring. Orton pulled on the referee and then poked McIntyre in the eye to break free of the Figure-4-Leg Lock.

McIntyre fired up sending Orton with a pair of overhead belly-to-belly suplex and followed with a flying clothesline. They battled for position on the turnbuckle but Orton countered by placing him in the tree of woe. McIntyre knit up and followed with a Monkey Throw but Orton kicked out at two. Orton avoided the first attempt but McIntyre delivered the Future Shock DDT for a close two count. Orton was bleeding from the top of this head. 

McIntyre leaped off the turnbuckle but Orton moved and delivered his signature Powerslam for a two count. Orton went for his Draping DDT but McIntyre countered with a Glasgow Kiss Head butt. McIntyre delivered a clothesline as he and Orton went to the floor. McIntyre made it into the ring but Orton countered with his signature Draping DDT. 

Orton called for the RKO but changed his mind and teased the  Punt Kick instead. Orton called for the Punt Kick but McIntyre countered with a Powerbomb. McIntyre called for the Claymore Kick but Orton moved out of the way. Orton went for the RKO but McIntyre countered into a backslide for the 1,2,3. 

WINNER: Drew McIntyre retained the WWE Title 

(Amin’s Analysis: The finish was unexpected but to give WWE credit playing off the show’s  tagline noting Orton didn’t see it coming. The finish can easily set up a rematch likely for the next PPV. Overall, this was a great match as both McIntyre and Orton are great wrestlers and worked well with each other coming off as top stars on the brand.) 

They aired a promo announcing Keith Lee will be on Raw on Monday. 

(Amin’s Analysis: I follow NXT regularly and once Lee smashed the Hourglass you can see there was a change in direction. They teased a program between Adam Cole vs. Karrion Kross. This got changed after Lee became the first NXT Double Champion. Lee vacated the North American Title and then lost the NXT Title to Kross at TakeOver: XXX. Lee has been showcased as one of NXT’s biggest stars since November 2019. I look forward to seeing how Lee will be showcased as he’s an amazing wrestler and could easily be a top star on Raw.) 

Falls Count Anywhere Match for the WWE Universal Championship  – Braun Strowman vs. ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt

Strowman delivered strikes but The Fiend no-sold it. The Fiend snapped away at Strowman and then attacked him with a tool box. Strowman delivered a shoulder tackle as The Fiend went crashing through the barricade.  Strowman delivered a Chokeslam as The Fiend landed on the edge of the announcers table. 

Strowman attacked The Fiend with the ring steps. Strowman delivered a running splash in the corner and followed with a Running Powerslam but The Fiend kicked out at two. Strowman rammed The Fiend into the staging screen. The brawled backstage as The Fiend rammed Strowman into the wall at Gorilla Position. The Fiend delivered Sister Abigail but Strowman kicked out at two. 

The Fiend went for the Mandible Claw but Strowman broke free. Strowman delivered a second Running Powerslam but The Fiend kicked out at two. Strowman pulled out a box cutter from the tool box. Strowman tore apart the ring mat as The Fiend got up. The Fiend delivered a uranage onto the exposed mat. The Fiend delivered a pair of Sister Abigail’s sending Strowman onto the exposed mat for the 1,2,3. 

WINNER: ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt won the WWE Universal Title 

(Amin’s Analysis: Well…this is what I expected would happen since this program first began post-WrestleMania that The Fiend would beat Strowman for the Universal Title. This was as clean as it can be. Having said that, SummerSlam is one of WWE biggest show and the show can’t end like that. Overall, the match it self was fine as both Strowman and Wyatt/Fiend worked hard.) 

The big angle came after the match as Roman Reigns returned to WWE TV as he delivered a spear to The Fiend. Reigns delivered a Spear to Strowman on the floor and then attacked him with a chair. Reigns returned to the ring and speared The Fiend again. Reigns held up the WWE Universal Title as the show came to a close

(Amin’s Analysis: For those wondering why the Universal Championship and not the WWE Title was the main event. Here’s the reason why as Reigns made his triumphant return to WWE TV playing heel attacking both The Fiend and Strowman. Reigns is one of WWE’s biggest stars and he has been missed during this time and will now bring more interest to SmackDown. Let’s see where this leads but it’s great to see Reigns back who looks awesome.) 

Overall Thoughts: WWE SummerSlam gets a thumbs up from me as the wrestling on the show was solid from start to finish. Bayley and Banks has been great and the storytelling was great tonight especially with them defending the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles at the Payback PPV. The big talking points coming out of the show are the return of Roman Reigns and Keith Lee appearing on Raw. This is a great way to build up exciting for both Raw and SmackDown. This could also lead to a possible roster shakeup with the addition of some NXT superstars maybe in the coming weeks.

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